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The Gut-Brain Connection | Part 2 | Inflammation

The Gut-Brain Connection | Part 2 | Inflammation

Radically Resilient Health Podcast The Gut Brain Connection | Part 2 | Inflammation In our last podcast, we discussed the fundamentals of how the gut and brain are connected, and we outlined the concept of intestinal permeability. Intestinal permeability, or “leaky...

The Gut Brain Connection | Part 1 | Digestion

The Gut Brain Connection | Part 1 | Digestion

Radically Resilient Health Podcast THE GUT BRAIN CONNECTION: PART 1 - DIGESTION WHAT IS THE CONNECTION? PHYSIOLOGICAL FRIENDS OR FRENEMIES? Written By Leah GiaQuinta, PT and Dr Carolyn Dolan, DPT, MSHN The gut-brain connection is not a new concept. We talk about this...

Do Sleep Patterns Radically Change Overall  Health?

Do Sleep Patterns Radically Change Overall Health?

In this episode, Dr. Carolyn Dolan shares her research on the importance of sleep. How much sleep should you be getting? How does sleep play a role in your body’s ability to heal? Dr. Dolan has done extensive research on sleep. She has worked with patients from all walks of life with varying sleep schedules to understand what our body is doing while it’s sleeping?

Inflammation | Is it your superpower?

Inflammation | Is it your superpower?

When we think of historical catastrophes and their aftermaths, many images may come to mind. Some might imagine 9/11. In 2019 we began to experience a global pandemic. The aftermaths to these crises often depict images of people fleeing in a mass exodus from whatever is posing an imminent threat.

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"I definitely believe in the Vitakinetics. They are a perfect blend to put you back up and going after surgery. I am a 78-year-old female who had a complete knee replacement. I started taking them the day after surgery and 2 days later stopped taking the pain medications, except for the Tylenol. I started feeling my energy return immediately after taking them and definitely did not show signs of any mood swings. I am hoping others will try these great supplements. I really believe in them and am going to continue taking them."

- Elsie Gurr



Dr. Carolyn Dolan is committed to helping her patients recover affordably with access to the best ingredients possible. If you were to buy the ingredients of Vitakinetics separately, you would spend an average of 60% more to get the same results. At VitaKinetics we value affordability in nutrition and healthcare.

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