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Explore stories of healing and recovery.

Christie – Owner, Our Local Basket

Christie – Owner, Our Local Basket

VitaKinetics are really making a difference in my healing process. I am amazed at how fast my ankle is healing and so are people that saw my initial injury.

Paige – Cyclist

Paige – Cyclist

For the amount of time, money and energy I put into my training and racing on the bike, the relatively small investment in VitaKinetics helps me get ready to perform each day, day after day, with less soreness and muscle fatigue.

Leah – Busy Single Mom

Leah – Busy Single Mom

Vitakinetcs offers me the boost I need to operate at the optimal level required to manage our busy lifestyle.

Mr. R.

I have struggled with chronic neck and back pain as well as a repetitive hand cramps from playing piano. Using [VitaKinetics] and changing how I ate resolved my chronic spinal pain.


Today, I took a 4-mile walk around the Marina. I am going to pass the word around about your [VitaKinetics].

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