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Optimize your body’s
ability to recover. Daily.

Whether you’re recovering from physical therapy, an intense workout, or a long day on your feet, VitaKinetics Active Recovery Blend can help you recover better, faster. Many supplements make claims of improving recovery, endurance, or performance, so what makes VitaKinetics different?
To summarize: We studied how the body works under stress then created a supplement that supports its natural ability to recover.

We’re launching a new boosted formula

Every ingredient in the Active Recovery Blend is a scientifically supported resource for recovery.

The levels your patients receive are a therapeutic dose that inhibits chronic pain development, optimize soft-tissue healing, and support the body’s natural inflammatory healing response.

It enables you to recover better and faster in combination with physical therapy efforts and other factors that create stress or inflammation.*


Vitamin D3 – Heals leaky gut, reduces pain, improves sleep


Vitamin C – Antioxidant power to reduce pain and risk for developing chronic pain states


Turmeric/curcuminoids – Promotes healing and reduces inflammation naturally


Prebiotic – Promotes gut and immune health, reduces pain and infection rates


Enzyme – Optimizes nutrient absorption and soft tissue healing, reduces pain and inflammation

Supplement Facts
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
When to Use
VitaKinetics Active Recovery Blend
Maintenance: For best results, take a single dose daily (4 pills)

To treat injury/soreness: Double dose to address acute inflammation (8 pills)

Preload: Add additional dose before an intense physical therapy session (2 pills before activity, 2 after)

First-time buyers get $10 off your first bottle + free shipping with the code FIRSTJAR. Only one per customer.

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