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Thank You for your purchase!

We often get the question, “When should I feel results?”

Based on our experience and research, normal healing takes a range 6-12 weeks depending on the injury or condition. The goal of VitaKinetics is to normalize inflammation to optimize the healing process. Most of the time, people notice improvement after a short time of 2-4 weeks. However, the body will prioritize where the healing occurs first. So that symptom that has been bugging you the most, may not be the body’s first priority. Meaning, that healing may take longer. We recommend a minimum of 3 months of regular use of our product before determining failure or ultimate success. This covers the normal length of the healing process.

We have included this symptom log document to help guide you in determining success. While one symptom may show slow or little improvement, other symptoms may be dramatically improving as you make VitaKinetics a part of your daily life.

Fill this log out before starting VitaKinetics and then monthly along your journey to monitor progress.

Thank you and cheers to feeling your best.

– Carolyn

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