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Radically Resilient Health | Who is Dr. Carolyn Dolan

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In 2012, Dr. Carolyn Dolan wasn’t happy with her health. She was experiencing chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic sinus infections, and was overweight. Her journey led her to better overall health.  Radically Resilient Health is a podcast where Dr. Dolan shares her journey. Her research led her to a world of nutrition and to a simple lifestyle program that transformed her health and the health of her family. In this episode meet Dr. Dolan. Find out why she has dedicated her life to helping her patients reach better health by sharing her research, tips & tools to reaching optimum health. Her journey also led her to creating VitaKinetics. The VitaKinetics supplement is a blend of vitamins, plant compounds, enzymes, and probiotics that support your body’s natural healing process..

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