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We don’t need nearly as much exercise as we think we do to maintain our whole health. In this episode, Dr. Carolyn Dolan speaks about how exercise affects the gut-brain connection and how to find your ideal exercise range for your overall body benefit. Consistency is the main thing that gives us long-term benefits, but you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to get the real benefits needed to stay fit. Sports like tennis, walking, dancing, etc., and other social and outdoor exercises are shown to have extended benefits through all ages. The best exercise is the one that you will do and do consistently. 

Vitamin C | Improving Sleep and Recovery

Vitamin C | Improving Sleep and Recovery

 Radically Resilient Health Podcast Vitamin C | Improving Sleep and Recovery Continuing her series on supplement ingredients, Vitakinetics founder Carolyn Dolan helps you understand the benefits of taking vitamin C before surgeries or to recover from illness. Dr....

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