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Read and listen to the results from people who have seen real transformative recovery using VitaKinetics daily:

Rigorous Physical Requirements – Paige Galeoto

Rigorous Physical Requirements – Paige Galeoto

 Radically Resilient Health Podcast  Rigorous Physical Requirements - Paige Galeoto Special Guest Paige Galeoto sits down with Dr. Carolyn Dolan and Connie Wray to discuss the rigorous requirements the Air Force Academy put on her son to recover and get accepted to...

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Trusting Your Healthcare Provider

Trusting Your Healthcare Provider

 Radically Resilient Health Podcast  Trusting Your Healthcare Provider Connie Wray and Dr. Carolyn Dolan discuss the importance of understanding how to choose the right doctor and what goes into finding one your can trust.   Transcript: Connie Wray:...

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Mike Fraley – Shoulder Injury Recovery

Mike Fraley – Shoulder Injury Recovery

 Radically Resilient Health Podcast Mike Fraley - Shoulder Injury Recovery Mike Fraley, co-owner of YogaPod in Reno, joins Dr. Carolyn Dolan to share how he was able to replace pain meds using Vitakinetics after his shoulder surgery. Connie Wray: (00:00)Welcome back...

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Video testimonial

"I definitely believe in the Vitakinetics. They are a perfect blend to put you back up and going after surgery. I am a 78-year-old female who had a complete knee replacement. I started taking them the day after surgery and 2 days later stopped taking the pain medications, except for the Tylenol. I started feeling my energy return immediately after taking them and definitely did not show signs of any mood swings. I am hoping others will try these great supplements. I really believe in them and am going to continue taking them."

- Elsie Gurr



Dr. Carolyn Dolan is committed to helping her patients recover affordably with access to the best ingredients possible. If you were to buy the ingredients of Vitakinetics separately, you would spend an average of 60% more to get the same results. At VitaKinetics we value affordability in nutrition and healthcare.