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As a long-time user and fan of VitaKinetics for management of sport-related exertion/inflammation, I knew I wanted to get my son on the supplement for recovery from his ankle surgery (bilateral ligament reconstruction scar tissue removal). He started double doses immediately following surgery and is now on a maintenance dose. He was off of all pain management meds — even Tylenol — within 6 days. At our first follow-up appointment, two weeks post-op, the surgeon marveled at how little inflammation my son had and how good the ankle was doing. He is now 7-weeks post-op, off crutches, out of the rigid boot, and in a lace-up ankle support. He can fully bear weight and pedal a bike. We were prepared for a long-haul recovery for this extensive surgery (we were told 3-6 months to full recovery) and we’re really pleased with his quick progress to date. I believe VK has played an important role in that progress and would recommend it as a supplemental healing tool for any surgery.