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We received our first [Vitakinetics] shipment two days after Cooper got home from the hospital, five days post surgery. He was still on full doses of narcotics and asking when the next dose was due. The next day we had stretched his dosing from 4 hours to 7 hours and the day after that we had cut it in half 8-10 hours apart. Five days later, no pain meds and not even Tylenol. He has been back in school for three full days on crutches, not using the wheelchair he has available. His swelling is WAY down and his scar is healing beautifully. I’m convinced it is a game changer for him. I know a lot of us have injuries, maybe not as serious and maybe they are chronic pain issues. I highly encourage you to try this supplement…We have been so focused on nutrition to help his healing, I’m so so grateful for this blend of natural super nutrients!

Brandi - Mom of an injured athleteBrandi - Mom of an injured athlete