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When I heard my dear friend and colleague Carolyn was investing in a supplement specially designed for healing, recovery and inflammation, I was super interested.

I’ve known Carolyn for 15 years and witnessed her own personal health transformation through nutrition and specific supplements. After her life dramatically changed for the better, Carolyn developed an incredible drive to help others experience the same health and vitality she experienced. She wrote a book that I continually recommend to patients that outlines her basic tenants for a healthy life. Move well. Eat well. Sleep well.

Carolyn didn’t stop there though. As a busy mom of 3, she went back to school earning her Doctorate in Nutritional Science (can’t exactly remember your degree sorry love).

We met up at a National Conference in February and Carolyn shared her exciting news about her intensive research and her new nutritional supplement, Vitakinetics.

In March, when COVID hit, she generously donated FREE bottles of Vitakinetics to myself and several other colleagues.

In general, I am a really healthy person. I exercise and eat well. I follow a gluten, dairy, and alcohol-free diet and eat very low sugar. I wasn’t sure what Vitakinetics would do for me.

Its 2 months later. Here’s what I notice. I can exercise a ton and not get sore and my period is significantly less painful. I used to have a noisy, grinding sound when I twisted my back a certain way. Now that’s gone! My knee was also hurting for unknown reasons and that is also no longer painful.

Recently I participated in a 7-hour adventure race that ended up taking me 8.5 hours. I thought for sure the next day I would be too sore to move. I took an extra dose of Vitakinetics and I WAS NOT SORE AT ALL the next day.

Vitakinetics is a well researched, effective, safe, and healthy supplement for people struggling with aches and pains, recovery from injury and surgery, or wanting to push themselves to the next level physically. Try it for a month and notice the changes yourself.

– Jennafer VandeVegte
Licensed Physical Therapist