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We all want our health and recovery to be easier. If we are honest, we don’t want it to cost us too much money or time either. How many times have you gone to the store to buy the next greatest natural supplement to boost your health only to find that you now have six or seven bottles lined up on your counter?

This is not only unsightly, but a little complicated. When do you take the Vitamin C and how many pills? When do you take the Curcumin and how much? It’s only 7 AM and now you have 7 bottles opened trying to pull out the correct amount into your hand to take with your breakfast.

It’s complicated.

VitaKinetics Recovery Blend puts it all into one single bottle making it easy to take and keeping your medicine cabinet less cluttered.

The real benefit though is the cost savings.

We care about quality and dosing to provide the most health benefits to you, but we also run price comparisons. We know that when something is not covered by insurance you may be less likely to do it. This is why we have such an awesome price point for you.

We went to a local health food store that carries natural supplements and picked out one of each of the ingredients in the Recovery Blend to see how our price compared. We then went to an exclusive professional supplement site (not open to the public, but only to health care providers) and did the same thing. Remember, the over the counter supplements were of decent quality but did not necessarily meet our standards nor could we find the exact ingredients to purchase. For the professional line, our quality standards were easily met and ingredients easily found. In fact, our founder used them for many years separately in this way.

Here was the financial break down:

Over-the-counter Health food store: $125.53 including tax

Professional Supplement Website: $143.20 not including tax and shipping


Our single order 30 day pricing of $59.99/bottles is actually a steal of a deal (over $80 dollars in savings) in comparison, not to mention the convenience of having all you need in one bottle. Subscriptions are even more savings at $49.99/month.

Your health is in your hands and your money is in your control. We offer a product that we are proud of that supports your health and your pocket book.