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Many times we are asked, “Who should be taking VitaKinetics?” While it is not for everyone, it may actually be a good choice for you.

Our initial research in formulation was in orthopedic injury and surgical recovery to reduce the need for pain meds to reduce pain and promote healing naturally. At the heart of this scientific research was the idea of aberrant systemic inflammation wreaking havoc on the healing process and exacerbating the pain response. The pathophysiology of this process lied directly on the gut-brain axis integrity. Essentially, the integrity of the intestinal lining (the gut) determines the amount of systemic inflammation that occurs setting the brain into a heightened state of pain and inflammation. Essentially, if your gut is healthy with a strong and diverse microbiome then your systemic inflammation recedes and pain reduces.

When exploring contributors to the disruption of the integrity of the gut-brain axis, we came across many things. Sources of potential disruption of the intestinal integrity (also called leaky gut) may include but not limited to:

Gliadin exposure (gluten protein)

Highly processed foods (sugar and trans fats)

Excessive exercise

Vitamin D3 deficiency (lack of sunshine)

Alcohol consumption

Sleep disturbances

NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals)


When you look at this list, do you identify with some of these items? Does it actually make you feel stressed more? Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards. Meaning, that the solution is in the cause. Understanding the cause, directs us to a solution to reverse the problem.

However, what we find is that simply avoiding gluten, exercising just enough, getting good sleep, avoiding alcohol and pharmaceuticals will promote intestinal health, yet stress is harder to regulate. As this picture shows a women meditating, which is helpful, rarely do we find our lives looking this serene, peaceful and low stress. Nor are we always able to get a good night sleep due to young children, pets or potentially our work. Eating perfectly, despite one’s best efforts, may also be a challenge.

We all react differently to stress too. What is stressful for one person may be invigorating for another. For example, an extrovert may love larger crowds while an introvert finds it stressful. Vice versa, an introvert loves quiet alone time, while this may stress an extrovert. Clearly, it isn’t that straight forward psychologically. It merely illustrates the point.

Stress is a part of life and like inflammation it isn’t all bad. It’s our physiological response to it that may be silently disrupting our energy levels and exacerbating our inflammatory state by way of increasing intestinal permeability.

Our VitaKinetics blend modulates inflammation to promote faster recovery, and much of that is due to it’s affect on intestinal integrity. So, even if you aren’t an avid athlete, or a shift worker, or enduring an orthopedic surgical procedure or in a painful state, VitaKinetics may help support your gut-brain health during the everyday stress of living an active life.

You don’t have to be in pain or actively recovering from an intense fitness routine to see and feel the benefits of VitaKinetics. Recovery from your every day life still needs support. VitaKinetics is here to help you.

Remove. Replace. Restore.

Remove fear of stress.

Replace with supportive lifestyle strategies including daily VitaKinetics.

Restore intestinal integrity to empower your everyday life.

Eat Well. Move Well. Sleep Well. Connect Well. Supplement Well.






Excessive Exercise



Alcohol and sleep


Vitamin D


Stress and NSAIDs