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As a holistic nutrition student, I heard about VitaKinetics after completing my Musculoskeletal class. I had just finished learning all about cartilage and joints, how inflammatory cascades develop, and how inflammation and pain can spin out of control. I reviewed study after study showing how specific nutrients and natural substances provide antioxidants, gut support, inflammatory modulation, and pain control. They can be as or more effective than NSAIDs and prescription drugs. I noted that VitaKinetics contained these powerful and beneficial ingredients. Ironically enough, a few months later, my husband discovered that he needed surgery for his own torn meniscus. With the opioid epidemic all over the news, and understanding that addiction often results from everyday prescriptions following routine surgery, I really wanted my husband to avoid pain pills. I also knew that NSAIDs (Advil, Tylenol, etc.) can wreak havoc on the gut. They damage the protective lining and walls of the stomach and intestines, which can lead to ulcers, GI bleeding, and other digestive conditions. They can also impair kidney function and promote anemia, headaches, and dizziness. After describing all this to hubby, who already eats a whole food diet, exercises regularly, and is in good health, he agreed to go the natural route. I purchased VitaKinetics that day. It’s downright scary how quickly and routinely practitioners whip out the opioids: immediately before surgery, the nurse gave my husband one routine pain pill before we even realized what was happening! However, immediately following surgery and in the five weeks since, my husband has not taken a single pain pill nor NSAID at any time. His surgeon fully supported the use of the supplements; he did not prescribe any of the usual anti-inflammatories because he knew the supplements would cover that. He did prescribe pain pills, but my husband did not even have to touch them. Hubby has relied solely on VitaKinetics and regular icing to keep things under control. He experienced virtually no discomfort. Even after beginning physical therapy, when the discomfort increased a tiny bit, he in no way felt any need to take anything. After a discussion with his surgeon, my husband believes that his quick and easy recovery was due to a combination of healthy diet and lifestyle coming into the surgery, and the use of VitaKinetics. He is almost back to 100% and has resumed exercising several times per week without pain. He’s a happy camper and has already recommended VitaKinetics to friends! Thanks to Carolyn and her team for developing a great product!