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Is there a fountain of youth?

Technically no. Youth fountains are only for fairytales. Aging is inevitable. Simply stated, it is the process of being alive. Aging is the result of both genetic and environmental factors over time. Three main factors effect aging: inflammation, immune aging and senescence. Senescence is a result of irreversible long-term excessive cellular stress and damage. Of these three main factors, we can control only one by adjusting our environment. A healthy environment can have a profound effect on how well one ages by improving muscle strength, promoting bone health, promoting gut and brain health and overall health and wellbeing.

What can be done to improve the aging process?

Eat nutritious plants and animals in their whole form, salted to taste with plenty of water.

Sleep 7-10 hours per night to wake in the morning feeling rested.

Move your body in the sunshine regularly and include lifting heavy things occasionally.

Connect to nature, your body, your spirit, your tribe and/or purpose as often as possible.

You can learn more specifics about these four lifestyle components in Soar Into Health written by our founder. These lifestyle strategies promote regeneration and renewal as well as promote a reduction of/or normalize inflammation. And yet, optimal lifestyle habits are not always perfect and add some emotional stress to your life and the balance of inflammation may begin to age you more quickly or produce soreness limiting your activity.

That is where VitaKinetics can help your aging. Modulation of the inflammatory process with proper supplementation reduces the symptoms of aging allowing you to remain physically active and feeling your best.

Aging is the process of being alive. We don’t need a fountain of youth to make the most of the life we are given. Enjoy life doing the things you love to do.

Eat Well. Move Well. Sleep Well. Connect Well. Supplement Well….to optimize the aging process.