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You have made your purchase of VitaKinetics. Our experience working with clients is that often the supplement alone provides positive benefits. The reason is because it supports your inflammatory response by supporting the integrity of the gut-brain axis. Modulating the inflammation of the gut and brain, reduces pain naturally and allows for improved healing. This may be noticed with a reduced soreness, a decrease in time between intense activity, or improved time between mild injury and return to sport/life….

However, to get the OPTIMAL benefits to your recovery, it’s worth mentioning these other lifestyle strategies that aid in natural recovery. As the design of VitaKinetics is to modulate the body’s inflammatory state, these lifestyle strategies also reduce inflammation.

Eat Well

Focusing your nutritional profile on whole foods as close to nature as possible or minimally processed promotes vitamin and mineral absorption as well as gut integrity. Things like a whole apple, a whole chicken breast, or a whole vegetable that is salted to taste with a healthy fat, like Olive Oil for absorption of minerals. See here for a partial list of whole foods. Avoiding (or minimizing) heavily refined food stuffs and sugar are critical to success by promoting blood sugar regulation and reducing inflammation. Keep it simple is our motto.

Move Well

Moving your joints thru their whole range of motion regularly is important to reduce stiffness and promote or maintain flexibility. Getting your heart rate up periodically is important for cardiovascular health. Lifting heavy things occasionally promotes muscle growth and bone strength. Reducing your time sitting or incorporating movement regularly is simple to reducing risk of developing painful states as well as improving your productivity. Getting your movement outside in the sunshine allows for natural Vitamin D production. This step may require help from a licensed movement specialist like physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Sleep Well

Sleep is a critical component to over all health and sense of well being. Whenever possible, sleeping anywhere from 7-10 hours a night, depending on your age and activity level. The more intense the activity, the more important to sleep. As a general rule one needs to sleep in absolute darkness in a cool room and wake to the morning sun. Typically, the amount of sleep you need is such that you can wake naturally feeling rested.

Connect Well

This strategy is focused on stress management. This may look a lot differently from person to person. For example, an introvert may feel rejuvenated with meditation alone, while an extrovert may feel rejuvenated with a gathering of friends to share stories. It can include nature or church. It may include volunteering. The point of this is specific strategy is to attending to your personal needs while releasing stress.

These four additional strategies complement the supplement well in overall health, healing and recovery. It works much like the game of baseball. You do one, is a base hit. Do two, its’ a double. Do four, its a home run, You do all five and it’s a Grand Slam. Simply put, each single strategy is helpful. If you do two of these strategies, the benefits begin to compound themselves. It compounds the positive effect of each simple strategy.

Eat Well. Move Well. Sleep Well. Connect Well. Supplement Well.