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Let’s begin with what VitaKinetics can’t do.

Simply taking VitaKinetics does not improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance nor strength, only exercise and resistance training can do that. VitaKinetics does not prevent diseases nor does it act magically to make you invincible to a poor diet or poor lifestyle habits, which may include too much exercise and too little rest.

However, our blend of vitamins and natural ingredients does help you manage soreness resulting from the inflammatory process that is associated with intense fitness routines, excessive stressful inputs be it physical or emotional, or the accidental injury. Specifically, following an intense strength training session or unusual physical activity (like you normally are a runner and find yourself having to climb stairs, or you are normally a mountain biker and find yourself moving heavy boxes for a move, or you accidentally twist your ankle) you may expect some muscle soreness to develop 24-48 hours after this event as a result of a normal inflammatory process. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Many of our ingredients, like Curcumin, have the affect to reduce soreness related to DOMS.

How does this improve your training?

It means that you are able to keep moving and avoid the other pain relievers that may have unwanted side effects, especially with chronic use. While DOMS is a naturally and expected side effect of intense fitness routine or even mild physical injury, adding natural supplementation dampens the symptomatic response enough that you are able to continue living your life while to rest from the intense activity.

Eat Well. Move Well. Sleep Well. Connect Well. Supplement Well.