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Recently, we have received a few questions regarding potential for banned substances in our product. While saying we are “professional-grade” was a way to instill faith in our brand, we do not use that term lightly and yet we need to clarify what quality measures are in place and why it matters. We want you, a professional athlete or active mother, to have confidence in our product. To do that, we need full disclosure of our process.

In the sports supplement industry, there are many supplements available that have strong marketing campaigns, yet poor quality control measures and false claims. For some, choosing a lesser quality supplement may not be threatening to one’s livelihood and yet some folks actually have many restrictions upon them and get blood tested to verify that no performance enhancing drugs have been used. For the competitive weight lifter, olympic athlete, or even NCAA athlete this is a critical issue. There are governing bodies that determine what you can and cannot put into a competitive athletes body. Here are two websites sighting banned substances; World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA) and NCAA.

The supplement industry is not FDA regulated like the pharmaceutical industry. While this provides the general public with access to some beneficial natural agents, it too is something that can be a public safety issue. A good supplement brand knows this and puts in place additional quality measures. VitaKinetics takes this issue seriously and shares our ingredients, avoids unnecessary fillers or chemical agents, as well as choosing a production facility that meets quality standards to minimize cross contamination both for allergens but also for banned substances.

Specifically, our production facility is certified in Good Manufacturing Practices. This means that our facility complies with food safety regulations. Additionally, our product ingredients are compliant with WADA and NCAA. Additionally, our production facility does not process banned ingredients from the WADA list, but does process high quality CBD which per NCAA is on the banned list.

As far as allergen exposure, our ingredients are not derived from eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts or peanuts. Our facility does process allergens, but the GMP practices minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

As another safety measure, our product is made in the USA. We do not produce over seas to save money as the quality control issues becomes far more complicated and potentially dangerous.

Ultimately, the decision to take a supplement must be based on your personal needs and health requirements. While we can not make any guarantee on cross-contamination issues for allergens nor banned substances, the risk remains very low.

A few rules to live by when buying supplements:

  1. Always read the ingredient list – “other ingredients” should be minimal and make sense
  2. Look for Certifications like GMP either on the bottle or on the website – these are extra quality measures to be sure you are getting what it says you should be getting.

We pride ourselves in caring to deliver high quality and effectiveness in our ingredients and dosing. We will continue to be diligent in further productions to maintain safety, effectiveness, and convenience.