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With recent events from the Climate Change Strike, has prompted us to share with you our thoughts on the environmental impacts of VitaKinetics.

We are not at our foundation an environmental company. However, we have considered how our product impacts the environment. From a direct impact we are working towards improving our packaging and delivery methods to be more environmentally sound and economical to the consumer. We have provided a few local options for pick up to avoid packaging and shipping. Our bottles, while plastic, are #1 recyclable plastic. With each production batch we explore available options and prioritize maintaining quality of product and consider environmental impact and cost to consumer.

Maybe the most important impact we have is the potential avoidance and reduction in use of opioid and anti-inflammatory medications. The direct environmental impact is related to exposing children to addictive medications and medications that degrade the micro biome in the gut. Our founder had the unfortunate experience of a child care provider stealing unused narcotics from a surgical procedure for a family member and consuming while caring for her children which helped shape VitaKinetics. Apparently the number one way a child or person prone to addiction gains access to dangerous opioids is from a friend or family member, not illegal drug seeking.

Possibly the most important environmental impact in avoiding pain medication consumption is it also helps to keep them out of our food and water supply.

Additionally, eating whole sources organic fruits, vegetables and regeneratively sourced animal proteins as part of your pain recovery plan is another added environmental benefit. The instructions on our bottles are on purpose as avoiding heavily processed foods is another positive impact on our environment.

We don’t really know what our carbon foot print is at this stage. However, we believe eating real whole nutrient rich foods and providing a natural and safe supplement impacts our environment by improving the health and safety of those living in our community both young and old.

Here are a few links to consider to better understand the potential environmental impact of VitaKinetics related to opioids and consuming whole sources of animal protein.