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You might be wondering if VitaKinetics is for you even if you aren’t a weight lifter, crossfit athlete, avid athlete or have sustained surgery or an injury lately.

The foundation of VitaKinetics is supportive to the natural healing or inflammatory process via support of the gut-brain connection. In the research and development phase where research was done to focus on rehabilitation from an injury or surgical procedure that has pain involved, it was discovered that inflammation and the perception of pain could be driven by stress, disrupted sleep, poor nutritional diet as well as a direct injury or surgical procedure.

What that means is that your lifestyle, including work, may contribute to excess inflammation. This is not meant to induce fear but awareness that many life events require healing and support, not solely direct injury. In other words, you can eat perfectly, get good sleep and be physically fit, yet still have environmental life stress exacerbating inflammation. Or you could be doing all the lifestyle components perfect and miss a night of sleep because of having a young child. Or even, your line of work, requires unusual hours that disrupt the sleep cycle or have periods of high stress promoting inflammation. Types of work that may influence the inflammatory state are either related to physical demand, potential sleep disruption or stress:

  • Parenting

  • Firefighters

  • Paramedic

  • Police Officers

  • Emergency Physicians

  • Shift nurses/health care providers

  • Armed Services

This is not an exclusive nor exhaustive list, but it illustrates the point that sometimes our life’s work may be inflammatory for a variety of reasons even without direct pain.

In such cases, the role of lifestyle support whenever possible is paramount. Eat nutrient rich whole fruits, vegetables and protein salted to taste. Get good sleep in a dark cool environment whenever possible. Move your body outside in the sunshine and get the heart pumping. Manage the stress with connecting to your brain via meditation, breathing, prayer or chatting with a friend. Supportive supplements, like VitaKinetics, can also help keep your inflammatory response in the ideal range.