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Vitamin D3 is a natural result of full spectrum sunshine hitting your skin as a conversion byproduct of the cholesterol in your blood. Many of us are deficient in D3 because of a lack of skin sun exposure. This problem is due to a variety of reasons including fear of sun burn, societal expectations of full clothing for work, or environmental reasons due to weather or even purely based on longitude.

As described in a prior blog, we shared as to why Vitamin D3 is so important. It decreases intestinal permeability and reduces pain. Full spectrum sun exposure not only promotes better sleep by regulating the circadian rhythm (sleep cycle), it has an added bonus of promoting a healthy intestinal microbiome.

We have discussed other benefits microbiome health with intestinal integrity, immune health, pain reduction and reduction in infection rates following surgery.

Microbiome health is driven by healthy whole vegetables, fruits and animal protein, but it is also supported by the Ultraviolet rays (UVB) which is free from full spectrum (contains both UVA and UVB rays) sun exposure.

The best way to get both Vitamin D3 and diversity in your microbiome using the sun is to expose your skin to the sun, during the time of day which UVB rays are available, long enough to feel warm and maybe pink a little, but to avoid burning. A great tool to help you determine safe sun exposure is using the D Minder app. It allows you to put in your physical location and skin type so you know what time to bathe in the sunshine and for how long to avoid burning.

The idea of sunbathing has fallen out of vogue, but for reasons of skin cancer scares. What we are suggesting is here is not to get a tan, but to promote well being, good sleep, microbiome diversity, and improve Vitamin D3 levels which are all associated with reduction in inflammation which reduces your cancer risk.

VitaKinetics dosing of Vitamin D3, is supportive of this positive lifestyle strategy and provides you a bit of insurance to cover you when you aren’t able to get your sunshine.

Eat Well. Move Well. Sleep Well. Connect Well. Supplement Well…..in the sunshine.

Skin Exposure to Narrow Band Ultraviolet (UVB) Light Modulates the Human Intestinal Microbiome.