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This has been an intense week for our world. We here at VitaKinetics have been monitoring and following both the CDC, WHO and local news. Additionally, we have begun to dig into some of the research about nutraceuticals and if they can play a role in this novel pandemic. We are sharing some information we have discovered as a means to share how components of VitaKinetics appear to support immune health. It appears that it may play a supportive role with common sense and socially responsible social distancing. Again this information is not FDA approved nor sanctioned and is not to replace traditional medical care.

Here is what we have discovered:

1) Vitamin D supplementation may be protective to acute respiratory tract infections.

2) Plant compounds, including curcumin, may decrease coronavirus replication by 50%.

3) Vitamin C reduces the length of Upper Respiratory Infections in children, although not preventative of infection.

4) Dietary Vitamin C status promotes sleep. This is clearly important for stressful times such as this.

Our guess is that our ingredients are helpful as they also promote intestinal integrity for modulating a healthy inflammatory response. You can read more about our ingredients effect on the gut-brain axis on our blog.

Please share with your loved ones in the front lines. They will be needing this the most in the coming months.

Socially distance your self: 6 ft away for now if you must go out and otherwise stay home.

Wash your mitts often, then moisturize.

Eat vegetables, fruit and a serving of animal protein with fresh water.

Move your body, outside in the sunshine if possible and 6 ft carefully as additional stress with intense exercise may not be necessary during this time.

Connect with your loved ones remotely and regularly.

Sleep well by turning of news, phones early in the evening. All the information will be there again in the morning.

Supplement well….VitaKinetics may be helpful and supportive.